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Ali Al Hadi is a Danish singer, songwriter, music producer and Islamic multi-artist.


With his multi-language lyrics and passion for music, Ali is becoming the unseen link between the modern art and Islamic music.


After his second official single & music video; My Beloved(over 500k views),

Ali has created a new way to mix the beauty of western music with the

Arabic language.


His third and latest single & music video; Purity (over 600k views) that combined English and Arabic has opened up for

a new and special way to compose the greatness of the languages to make

an unforgettable hit.

Lord of Love


Ali Al Hadi's first debut album

featuring 8 breathtaking songs

Lights of Reda (Single)


Arabic music mixed with English lyrics? This song is made for the birth of Imam Reda


Born in Copenhagen, the most populated and capital city of Denmark, raised in Nørrebro (Norrebro), with roots from the Middle Eastern Lebanon, Baalbeck,

the Danish singers music becomes an amazing multicultural experience.


Where it all started

To know where it all started we need to look at where the passion for music comes from.

Ali's father is a former islamic arabic singer and musician. Growing up in a home where music had

and still have so much influence, Ali fell in love with music and instruments since an early age.




Stay tuned for the upcoming events.

Here is a list of the upcoming events which Ali is going to visit and recite at.


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Ships of Salvation Event

Copenhagen, Denmark




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